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The Total Domain Value is made up of two different values. One is the searchability and monetization worth of the keyword(s) that make up that domain: this value is estimated by Estibot. The other is the strength of the domain’s backlinks: this value is accessed by Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of Moz.

The following table approximates the correlation between DA & PA, the dollar equivalent of SEO efforts required to reach them, and the amount of time required:

DA/PA vs. SEO Dollar Investment & Time boasts DA of 33 and PA of 44 (check the domain’s DA and PA here), which is equivalent to a $10,000 – $20,000 SEO investment over up to 6 months (which may or may not work in the end). The Estibot’s keyword valuation of the domain is $9,500 (see the real-time appraisal here). This adds up to the Total Domain Value of $20,000 – $30,000.

I don’t have a business idea for this domain, so instead of sitting on it I am willing to sell it at a considerable discount.

Ideally, would go to someone with a plan to put it to work because it would be a shame to see such a strong backlink portfolio go to waste.

The two simplest ways to capitalize on the backlinks are:

  • to build a relevant website on this domain, and
  • to set .htaccess redirect rules to capture the backlink value and transfer it to the domain of your choice (to help it rank higher on Google and other search engines).

I can offer the buyer a free two-week consultation period to explain how to set those rules and capitalize on the domain’s existing backlink value.

For those familiar with raw backlink analysis, the domain’s grouped links (meaning that similar links are not counted separately) as found by AHrefs on 11/28/17 are published here. Note that 100% of the domain’s backlinks are the valuable Dofollow links. The total number of links is 7,117.

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