Tips on how to clean a mousepad from a pro gamer

Mousepads are necessary accessories for computers. The mousepad allows a person to navigate quickly to areas on the screen. Without a clean unobstructed mousepad, the computer user could experience difficulties. Quick actions are a must for computer users — especially those who are involved in competitive online gaming. Read on to find out how to clean a mousepad quickly and easily.

6 Steps on How to Clean a Mousepad

To eliminate unwanted dust, debris, stickiness, mold, and lumps, a computer user should learn how to clean a mousepad.

The cleaning should be done every six months to a year. The cleaning involves a moderate amount of labor and inexpensive household materials. After the cleaning, the mousepad should be restored to an almost new condition where navigation with a mouse is unobstructed.

There are six steps required to clean a mousepad. The six steps can be modified to fit your personal situation. We included a cleaning method that is quicker than six steps for those who prefer it.

Step One: Understand What the Mousepad is Made of

Most mousepads are made of a non-slip rubber base with a waterproof premium textured top. The main concern when cleaning a mousepad is the top of the mousepad. However, you can clean the bottom of the mousepad too.

Understanding your mousepad is necessary so that you can prevent damage to it. Some mousepads have specific instructions to not clean in hot water or put in a dryer. We recommend that all mousepads are cleaned in a non-hostile fashion. Cleaning in a non-hostile manner includes cleaning the pad with no hot water or putting the pad in the dryer. This is important because scorching hot heat could cause wrinkles in the fabric that could permanently damage the mousepad.

For old mousepads, you should consider if the mousepad is cleanable. Some mousepads are made of fabric or materials that could break apart if the pad is cleaned with strong brushing. In this case, consider buying a new mousepad.

How to clean a mousepad

How to clean a mousepad – pro tips

Step Two: Clean The Mousepad

For mousepads with a fabric top, soak a sponge or washcloth with clean water and shampoo. Rub the top of the mousepad with the soaked sponge or washcloth until you have eliminated all uncleanliness.

For plastic-covered mousepads, use a washcloth or sponge. Spray a household cleaner onto the mousepad and rub the entire surface of the pad until you believe all uncleanliness is eliminated. This is similar to cleaning a plastic cover.

Sometimes rubbing the top of the mousepad is not good enough to eliminate mouse obstructions. In this case, consider a more in-depth cleaning.

For in-depth cleaning, fill the sink with warm water until it covers the mousepad. Squeeze enough shampoo or dishwashing soap until the water bubbles. Rub the top surface of the mousepad liberally and bottom surfaces until you believe the dirt is eliminated.

For more severe cases of mousepad dirtiness, consider placing the mousepad by itself into your washing machine for clothes. Add a few drops of detergent onto the pad before starting the washing machine. Make sure to put it on delicate cleaning with a temperature set to no higher than warm. Do not place your mousepad into the dryer afterward. Dryers will destroy your mousepad.

Step Three: Rinse

This step is essential because the mousepad has a sticky substance on it that needs to be rinsed. Leaving any soapy residue on the pad will defeat the purpose of the cleaning itself. Rinse the mousepad on the front and the back. The pad should be soaked with water when you have completed this step.

Step Four: Pre-Dry

Once the rinse is completed, you should lay a clean towel on top of a flat surface. Place the mousepad on top of the towel. Fold the towel on top of the mousepad. Make sure that the towel covers the entire mousepad. Press down on the towel onto the pad firmly to squeeze out any water into the towel. Press down for five seconds on every area of the pad.

Step Five: Air Dry

Take your halfway dried mousepad out of the towel and hang the pad up to dry. Do not blow-dry your mousepad as blow-drying with excessive heat will damage your mousepad. Let the mousepad dry anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

Step Six: Check

Check the mousepad for any wetness before you place the pad next to your electronics. Graze your fingers onto the pad to ensure that the pad is completely dry. Check the mousepad for any damage or creases. Ensuring that your pad is completely dry is necessary to prevent further trouble. Having a wet mousepad next to your computer could increase the water in the air that could damage your mouse and other computer components.


Knowing how to clean a mousepad is essential to saving money and time. You can prevent the unnecessary cost of a new mousepad by carefully following the six steps above. Cleaning a mousepad involves more than just throwing soap and rubbing your pad. Pay careful attention by understanding how your mousepad functions and keeping it away from harsh treatment.

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Do you feel that you benefited from our tips on how to clean a mousepad? Are there any mousepad cleaning tricks that you use? Share them in the comments!